Monday, July 24

{ViSion} - Kristine Dress //Uber July 25th

The new sexy Dresses Kristine will be out on July 25th at Uber ♥
Honor to be part of the Uber Birthday Round ♥
LM: Uber

Available in 25 colors + 6 Exclusive in Fat Pack Version!
Each single color included:
- Dress V1/V2 (solid colors with different textures)
- Dress Ruffle - 25 colors
- Dress Straps - 25 colors
- Bikini - 25 colors + option show/hide
- Chain Necklace - gold/silver

Fat Pack Version: Discounted!
Dresses 31 colors (2V'S)
HUD // Full Customizable

Sizes: Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Hourglass
Hope you like it ♥

{ViSion} / Virginie // Epiphany // July 15th

Virginie Set Info:

Each color content:
Bra Solid/Flower
-Bra with and without bow (for use with the top)
- HUD Bra Straps and Bow

Bikini Solid/Stripe
- HUD Bikini Belt

Top Solid/Solid Transparent

Chain - Metals 8 colors / Pearls 15 colors

Black / White / Red are RARES
Sizes: Maitreya / Belleza - Freya - Isis / Slink Hourglass

Hope you like it ♥

LM: Epiphany
Mirror Sim: Epiphany Mirror Sim

{ViSion} //Lingerie Azaria // Bound Box

A quarterly subscription box by  Pale  Girl Productions featuring 12 designers creating exclusive* items geared towards the BDSM/Kinky community. First box will be available July 12th.

{ViSion} -S&F, Entwined, Essenz, ItGirls, Mon Cheri, MODA, Mossu, oOo Studio, Salt & Pepper, Voluptas Virtualis, Luas, 22769

A kiosk to pre-order this box is placed in the store, MP and in any shop listed here!
<a href=" Land/187/38/22" rel="nofollow"></a>

Lingerie Azaria included 20 colors!
 ... HUD OPTIONS (Color Change)...
-Bra/Bra Ruffles/Bra Strings
-Belt/Belt Bow
-Bikini/Bikini Middle (show/hide)
-Metals (5)
Sizes: Maitreya / Belleza (all) / Slink (both)
* July 12th the box will be released and sent!
* The price for a box purchased prior to the 12th of the month will be 1500L. 
 *  Last minute boxes will be sold for 2000L each from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm on the 12th.
 * HUDs sold between August 12 - January 10 will be sold for $3500L

Group to keep you informed: Bound Box Update Group

Saturday, July 1

(ViSion} -S&F *Bustier Melani - Group Gift July


ViSion July Group Gift
Bustier Melani with exclusive texture /Original Mesh
Melani come with HUD for the metal studs and work with mesh bodies:
- Maitreya / Belleza Freya - Isis - Venus / Slink Hourglass - Physique

LM: ViSion Store

//Note: Melani Bustier is available in 20 another colors + 13 in Fat Pack Version///

Hope you like it ♥

Sunday, May 28

{ViSion} - Yasmine Set @Kinky Event


ViSion create Yasmine Corset *Original Mesh *Exclusive for Kinky Event /May 28th 1PM SLT

Ysmine Corset is available in 14 colors.
Single pack included:
1 Color corset 2 styles Closed / Open
Corset middle chain show / hide
Bikini show / hide
HUD control - rope & bikini x 14 colors, metals 6 colors

Sizes: Maitreya, Belleza (all), Slink (both)

Yasmine Set - Bra/Bikini

Yasmine Set - Bra/Bikini Eclusive for Kinky Event /May 28th 1PM SLT

Available in 14 colors
HUD control - Metals & option for middle chain bra - show /hide
Sizes: Maitreya, Belleza (all), Slink (both)

Thursday, May 25

{ViSion} - Naomi Lingerie Set @Uber

ViSion - Naomi Lingerie Set *Original Mesh - Exclusive for Uber ♥
LM: Uber

Available in 14 colors and included bra, corset and bikini with a lot of options!
Sizes only for mesh bodies: Maitreya I Belleza Isis - Freya - Venus I Slink Physique - Hourglass

Single Pack Included
*1 Color Lingerie
- Bra Straps / Lace - x14 colors
- Garter Belt - 14 colors
- Bikini Rim - 14 colors
- Metals - 4 colors
The corset have option to hide a part from him and left only the garter/belt showing!

Fat Pack Version Included
Full customizable on each part + corsets in solid colors!

Hope you like it ♥

Sunday, May 7

(ViSion} -S&F *Bustier Melani - @anyBODY Event

ViSion created Bustier Melani - Original Mesh, Exclusive for anyBODY Event May 7th / 30th!

Melani is available in 20 solid colors!
Each single color included 1 solid color top, HUD for studs + option show/hide.
Fat Pack version included 20 solid - 10 flowers and 3 print colors + HUD for the studs!

Sizes: Maitreya - Freya - Isis - Venus - Hourglass - Physique

LM: anyBODY 

Fat Pack Colors