Tuesday, May 8

{ViSiOn}- 100 % Mesh Skirt

{ViSiOn} presents new 100% Mesh sexy skirt. She have it 5 sizes { XXS, XS, S, M, L } and 9 colours from which u will can choice. You can visit the store to get Demo and try it :D


{ViSiOn}- Mesh Skirt White  { ViSiOn} - StOrE
{ViSiOn} Sculpt Top LoLiTa {Black Trns}  {ViSiOn} - StOrE
HooLigaN Ink Loose Tee ShirT - MESH - PinK HooLigan Ink

and take a look the new sexy 100% Mesh skirt and more colours 


HooLigaN Ink Loose Tee ShirT -MESH - WhitE HooLiganInk  The Mesh Loose Tee Shirt have 6 colours and 5 sizes . Get Demo and try it 

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