Sunday, November 18

{ViSion} -S&F - Mesh Jacket Emporium

{ViSion} -S&F presents the new mesh jacket Emporium
Do you own a leather jacket? That’s what your wardrobe is complaining about. I can hear it from here.

A leather jacket is a game changer -they  can pull outfits together instantly like a white shirt or a blazer. They can also make you feel like Kate Moss.

Here’s a CLICK TO BUY GUIDE  to finding the right style for your body and budget - smiles

Not for everyone but coloured leather is HOT. best options (that you’ll get the most life span from) are bold, block colours like blue , pink , violet , yellow.... If you invest in a jacket like this treat it like a trench coat and throw it on over everything – otherwise you will NEVER wear it.

This is the classic, works-over-everything style  that your wardrobe needs.So the Emporium mesh jacket come with 5 size , 10 colors and two alphas.Demo is available . Also the Fat Pack is on exclusive price :D Don't lose the time , just go in ViSion -S&F mainstore and take a look

                                                                                                                                    pjey ♥

This style is so versatile – it can be thrown over anything – jeans, dress, evening gown

Throw this on and you’ll look fresh and expensive. There’s something about pale leather that makes everything look more polished. Classic cut and soft lines look better in cream leather than bomber or biker styles and make sure it has skinny shoulders and snug arms.

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