Monday, January 21

Mesh Blouse Xara

Hello fashion lovers. {ViSion} -S&F present new collection Mesh Blouse Xara . She have 4 sizes and alpha. Xara is made it in 6 natural colors. Stay well on jeans, skirt, legging or over dress ,body and everything which you like.
Also the beige color will be on special price only for XYROOM event which start 1 february for limited time.

On pic you see New Mesh Blouse Xara in beige and pink color, also the New Mesh Skinny Jeans G-12 and White Lace Dress B5. All from this you can found in main store {ViSion} - S&F. Every mesh product have Demo go and check it
                                                                                                          pjey ♥

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