Sunday, December 14

{ViSion} -S&F *Christmas Promotion From Dec.15th till Dec.31st

      Christmas Promotion

            From Dec.15th till Dec.31st 

Hello Lovely Ladies ♥

The Holidays are coming ..... So {ViSion) -S&F has special Gift Cards, which you can use for yourself or to make your lovely friends happy and make them feel special :)

*Visit {ViSion} -S&F **Mainstore    􀀀

*At the entrance in the Main store you will see the cards.

*Touch the card ( the blue menu will ask, would you like to purchase a gift card) press YES!

  - the card will come into your inventory , ADD her and choose your wishes value (You can now right-click and pay the vendor)

*Detach the card ( you can use for yourself or send to a friend)!!!


Activate the Gift Card:

Go to {ViSion} -S&F **Main store  
 -Upon entering the Main store you will see the Gift Card Terminal

*ADD your Gift Card

*Touch ViSion Logo  􀀅 , from the blue menu choose the *Redeem* button. (the sum from the card now is into your store credit balance. You can check your balance anytime from the Store Credit Terminal, next to the Gift Card Terminal!

 - Wearing the {ViSion} -S&F tag you will receive 15% from every purchase from ViSion (except Marketplace and Gift Cards)!

For example *** if you purchase an item which costs L$219 , you will receive L$32 in store credit ***

How to use the Store Credit

*Click over the item , which you want to purchase, the blue menu will show you several buttons, You have to choose *Use Credit*
Then the menu will show to you, your Current balance and the item price.


Credits can only be redeemed for products at the in-world{ViSion} -S&F Main store and not on the Marketplace.

Gift Cards cannot be refunded for cash (Lindens)

Extra store credit can be added to your balance by purchasing gift cards for yourself.

Once a gift has been redeemed, the credits cannot be transferred to another avatar (including partner, family or alts)

For any questions or help needed please contact

􀀃 deviantdollie Resident - Customer Support
􀀄 victorya Berkmans - Customer Support

Happy Shopping!
􀀂pjey Pearl {ViSion} -S&F *Owner

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